Earn By Helping People Find A Solution To Their Debt Problems As A Debt Relief Affiliate

$10 Raw Call
1 out of 10 calls will turn into a credit pull
1 out of 4 credit pulls will turn into a deal
1 out of 40 calls max should be a deal
Avg debt size 18k
On any given day the max CPA you should have is $400, we’ve seen as low as $100 (smaller shops that take their time on every call)


Please remove any IVR’s, pre-connect recordings, or welcome greetings from your DID# point to number to your sales queue
Have your phone number ring only and connect to an agent within 30 seconds or less
Issues will arise if there is any delays, messaging, greeting or IVR barriers in the way of having a direct connection to the sales agents
Do not prejudge, take every call through the process. As long as it is not a DNC, you will pull be able to pull credit and pitch file


The leads are generated through various media channels including social media marketing, email, and telecommunication. We work with various types of TCPA compliant affiliates who generate traffic that we clean-up/scrub and deliver.
The inbound leads/calls come in from financial hardship & loan consolidation themed affiliate offers.
The callers coming in will be seeking a hardship relief program and/or financial assistance such as a consolidation loan. A simple way to answer the call is: “Thanks for calling, Are you looking for financial help or interested in one of the hardship relief programs available?”